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expanding in space OR expanding in time

more particle information there, but almost no wave information...

I’ve noticed that when spending a lot of time on the internet, I feel far more focused on “the now”. My awareness of the past and future drops away. There is simply so much information right here and right now being presented to me that there is no brain processing power left to think about the rest of reality in the vast expanse of time. It makes me lose any energy I had for thinking about something I’d planned to do this summer, and totally makes me incapable of having the energy to plan for anything that I might have wanted to do in the years ahead of me that are the rest of my life, and for the future of humanity.

But, of course, it’s certainly very valuable to be able to get all this detailed information about what’s going on in the big wide world, especially on the cutting edge of science and culture (new wave forms! a new idea on how the big bang started! the power of active vs. passive voice in getting humans to go to the election polls, etc.), but at some point I know that for all that excellent information to be effectively used for making the world a better place, I’ll have to step away from this expanse of information about the now, and take some time to be all by myself to go deeper into some of the ideas and how they might relate to the future of public policy, education, and health (and to maybe make myself some healthy green-filled food for later today so that I can have a reasonably healthy, functioning brain to do all this important thinking).

Also on a related note, for anyone who’s interested, I’m on Google+ as myself – Turil Cronburg – and I put a lot of stuff there that is related to what I post here, so you might also be interested in my offerings on G+ as well as this blog. I still plan to post the most valuable stuff here, too because this blog both prettier than G+, and because posts are better archived here (at least for search engine purposes). So if you think you might want more of me, check me out on G+, too. (And if you need an invite to get onto the G+ social network email me at thewiseturtle on gmail.com.)


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