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public science

public science is like hanging your laundry out for the world to decorate!

For at least a hundred or so years, we’ve had a kind of science in the West that was very rigid and binary. Theories were almost written in stone. People spent decades studying things in private, mostly, before they ever were able to muster up the courage to share it with the world, and if it didn’t “pass the test” of the academic/political leaders of the scientific community, it wasn’t even allowed to be “published”. And if it was deemed agreeable enough to be published, it was published in a fairly private place, where only wealthy specialists were likely to read it (and maybe your mother). This privatization of science worked ok for some folks, and allowed people’s memetic children to get very well developed before being set free in the world. But it meant a lot of highly valuable information, ideas, and corrections got missed and dismissed. And it meant that scientists were pretty a lonely bunch.

Now, with the new media of rapid fire global interconnection, feedback, and diversity we have the opportunity to catch up with all that missing information, and let scientists feel like they are very much a part of the world.

The new kind of science will be an open discussion where all interested parties will be welcome to add their opinions, observations, and questions, at all levels of complexity, combining old ideas into entirely new and more brilliant ones. The new science will be a more feminine process, nurturing memetic children collaboratively, letting them be free to grow into whatever they need to grow into, and dramatically exceeding our wildest dreams of them!

The more masculine, private type science will still exist, as it’s obviously still valuable for some things, but the more public science will become mainstream, and will be where the most innovation emerges and flourishes.


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