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revisiting the prime directive for Iceland!

Maslow 2.0

When things get too large and complex they eventually come tumbling down. Governments all over the Western part of the planet are starting to fall as we speak. And when things fall apart, that means it’s an exceptional time to start from scratch, using all the things we’ve previously learned about how the world works. Iceland is right now rewriting it’s constitution, using the collective wisdom of the networked planet (And Time Magazine’s 2006 “Person of the Year”, YOU!), which has been scientifically shown to be the most effective problem solver known to humankind!

In light of this, I suggest a new constitution for government based on helping everyone meet Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’ very bottom (“deficiency”) cagegories…

I sometimes call this the Human Prime Directive. I’ve used it as the basis for my educational program Binikou, and I think of it as the the most effective and clear set of laws that any exceptionally healthy government or organization would choose to define for itself:

1. Ensure that all individuals have access to the basic input needs for physical health. Specifically, whole food, clean water, fresh air, comforting warmth, and healing light. (Maslow’s “physiological needs” category)

2. Ensure that all individuals have the option to choose from a variety of different kinds of outlets for the free expression of their physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual output needs. (Maslow’s “safety needs” category)

3. Provide the option of conflict mediation to all individuals, with the goal of mutually agreed upon win-win solutions. (a combination of Maslow’s “belongingess” and “esteem” categories, giving people the sense that their needs are important, and giving them ways to solve their problems)

No other laws allowed! Everything the government does must fit within these three categories, and everything that is within these categories the government must try to provide, without causing conflict (no force allowed, including no mandatory taxes, no non-voluntary prisons, and no mandatory “education”, etc.).

The idea is that once you remove synthetic, authoritarian control, and focus on providing individuals with the basics of what they need to be at their best (healthiest, mentally and physically), a healthy government will emerge, naturally, because everyone will be able to grow into a healthy “self-actualized” individual.

Our current government system is so very, very authoritarian, confused, and totally out of touch with nature/reality of what humans need that we have utter chaos and people operating well below their potential as they constantly struggle just to “make ends meet”. Simplifying government, and bringing it’s attention back to a scientific basis for serving human needs seems to the be way to go.


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