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The Cronburg-Rodenhiser (creative!) Unification Theory of Gravity and Electromagnetism

Yep, it is my Unification Theory of Gravity and Electromagnetism!

A gift!

With love and gratitude for all the brave folks who dared to share their unique ideas with the world, and me! And an extra special place in my heart goes out to my husband, David Rodenhiser, my mom Ellie Budzko, my dad Jim Cronburg, my grandfathers Stanley Stevens and Walter Cronburg, as well as Terran Melconian, Bucky Fuller, Alan Watts, Byron Katie, Richard Bandler, and J.A. Scott Kelso and & David Engstrøm, the guys who came up with a very similar idea to mine, over at the Squiggle Sense.


UPDATE: I have reconsidered the entropy/emergence contrast in this list, and I’d think it might not be appropriate as is. So maybe just ignore that line?




  TheLiteraryEdd wrote @

Increasing entropy is the goal of emergence. You can see this in Jeremy England’s formula for life, where random data will automatically organize itself into complex structures, suggesting the goal of life is to increase entropy. You did not know this when making this post back in 2011, as England’s formula came out in 2014.

  turil wrote @

Yeah, like the note says, I’m not sure what that pairing was. But looking back, it seems weirdly accurate now. Funny. Entropy, in the more masculine way of looking at things is “uncreative” as a force, but it’s just the inside of the emergent force, propelling reality into more and more complexity.

Or something like that. Now I see that entropy is BOTH forces, contraction AND expansion. It’s evolution. Natural selection (contraction via two becoming one) and random mutation (expansion via procreation, creating novelty).

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