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without freedom we’re not human


Arthur M. Young was an astoundingly fascinating philosopher~engineer back in the mid to late 20th century who I very much appreciate. And one of the main ideas that he offered the world in his work on the Reflective Universe was that the levels of complexity~ability we see in things in our reality — from inanimate objects (minerals), to semi-animate objects (polymers), to animal life, to the highest level of complexity of animal life we are aware of (humans) — are defined by the number of degrees of freedom the thing has. The higher number of dimensions a thing is allowed, by physics, to move in, the more complex, and creative, it can be.

Humans are the first species to have the freedom to generally be able to “move” around in 4D space~time, due to our prefrontal cortex, and it’s vast capacity to think in depth about the past and the future. Other species might have some ability to move in time, but nothing to the extent of humans and their big ass foreheads, thus humans are more creative than any other Earthlings, or polymers, or minerals, for that matter, all of which are generally only able to move in 3D space, at most. We’ve even been creative enough to be able to see millions and even billions of years into the past using the technology of archeology and astronomy, so that we don’t even have to imagine it.

Of course, when we consider this, we realize that if creativity in adaptation and problem solving is what we are looking for in society, we need to remove as many of the roadblocks, and other limitations on humans’ freedom as possible. Humans need to know that they are not only encouraged to think about their past and possible future (and to especially focus on making note of the best quality things that serve us well), but to also be encouraged and supported in exploring the full three dimensions of space.

This means no more major limitations on the freedom of movement, north, south, east, west, up or down, for political reasons. Eliminate the national boundaries and remove political protections for excessively “private” property beyond a reasonable amount of personal space for living in. Because, when you think about it, humans often have far less spacial freedom than most other Earthlings, as society has allowed some people to “own” huge amounts of land and buildings for which they are socially permitted to intentionally harm other humans who might have reason to travel through it or us it temporarily, while other species, and all kinds of inanimate objects are often allowed free reign in these spaces. You might not be allowed to hang out in your neighbor’s back yard, but the bugs, birds, bacteria, and boron are all happily enjoying the space pretty much 24/7.

Total freedom isn’t possible, obviously, as some places aren’t suitable for human existence, and giving people at least a little space to “keep their stuff”, as George Carlin reminds us, is probably necessary for them to get their work done, but the more freedom we secure for humans, and other species, the more creative we will be able to be, as we increase our ability to understand the big wide world (and beyond) by exploring it, in all four dimensions, increasing both our physical freedom in space and our mental freedom in time.

The good news is that removing the majority of the physical space restrictions we’ve had up to now will be easy once we consider that they’ve been making us more like inanimate objects, and how they’ve been limiting our ability to be the best problem solvers possible given our brains. And removing any roadblocks we’ve had in our own minds that have stopped us from being able to truly be free to think about our past and future and all the most useful and awesome stuff we can find is even easier, as all that takes is the memory that the first step in putting a human on the moon was to think about it happening…


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