I am for you

how to earn respect (and love and admiration and health)

Feedback loop!

Number One — Define your self
Regularly clarify and publicly share your most important goals in life.

Number Two — Diversify yourself
Be gracious about accepting or declining all offers of resources intended to help you towards your goals, by thanking those who offer them. Ask for clarification on how offers might be used to achieve your goals if it’s not immediately clear to you. Pick the best options you’ve got and go for it.

Number Three — Humble yourself
Whenever your attempts to reach your goals cause conflict with someone, sincerely apologize for causing problems for them (your most important goals aren’t to cause harm to others, are they?), offer to help them restore their balance with any truly excess resources you might have, and then start the cycle over again with Number One, and re-clarify what your goals are and then publicly asking for help in finding a way to get what you’re seeking in a way that doesn’t cause problems in the future.

It’s not a guarantee of the perfect life, but it’s the simplest and most concise I’ve got to offer you right now. :-)


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