I am for you

love, actualized

Little Lads are loved!

The intention of love and the effectiveness of love are two entirely different things. When people say they love you, they are expressing their (possibly only subconscious) intention to support your needs so that you can be a physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually (life-centric thinking) healthy individual. They might very well not be able to do that, due to their own physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual deficiencies and/or toxicities. For their love to be made a reality, they need to actually be successful in helping you get the truly nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, warmth (including touch), sunlight, and welcoming outlets for your excess solids, liquids, gases, and energy that you need to grow healthfully in all dimensions. This list of elements is nothing more than our common English names for the forms of matter (solids, liquids, gases) and energy (heat and light) that intelligent social mammals need to input and output in order for their bodies (including the brain/mind) to grow.

One of the reasons people might not be successful in actually loving you the way they might intend to, might very well be a deficiency in intellectual resources, in that they might not know that helping you get your basic physiological needs is what love means. Sharing this very practical, logical information with them might help! Though also helping them find ways to more successfully input and output the other kinds of matter and energy that they need to be healthy might also be what is called for. :-)


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