I am for you

I am the eggwoman, coo coo ca choo…

New Brunswick 2004

Thinking about human relationships in a fractal way, you might come up with the idea that the most intimate love relationships, at least for a heterosexual human couple, function in a similar overall way to the way the most intimate relationships between an egg and a sperm do.

Generally for an egg, she only lets in the most persistent, consistent guy who actively seeks to not only get past her hard exterior shell that is her personal boundaries, but who also does so in a fully vulnerable way that gives all of himself to her, literally letting her absorb him. He is rewarded with a permanent lifetime commitment by her to give him the chance to combine the best he has to offer the world with the best she has to offer the world in an act that could be called the most powerful creative force known to humanity.

Most sperm don’t ever make it. And most eggs never find that special sperm. But the guy who is persistent enough and strong enough to get past the woman’s boundaries to fully offer his whole self to her, will always and forever be the one whom the egg totally bonds with for the rest of her life.

It’s certainly possible that on a spiritual level of the souls of male and female humans the creative bonding process isn’t the same as with the physical bonding of sperm and egg. But considering it, it certainly does seem to be a valuable idea to think about when looking at relationships in your life…


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