I am for you

spread your roots and seeds

a miracle!

There seem to be at least two especially powerful types of energy expression that living things can use:

Via the Roots – direct energy of wildly varying quality emanating from our deepest, strongest connection with the world, as with family. We generally share our most intimate feelings and ideas and physical self only with a partner, or very close relative (parent, child, sibling), in a highly controlled direction. The roots are where the most symbiotic and powerful connections are.

Via the Seeds – indirect energy of only the highest quality emanating from the parts of our self that are most freely and lightly connected with the world, as with friends, community members, and others who happen to be working, studying, and playing in the same areas we are in. We generally share only our best stuff with those we know on a limited level, and we do so in very diverse, uncontrolled, directions.

In other words, our energy expressions can very focused in direction while being fuzzy in quality (via our “roots”), or our energy expressions can be very focused in quality while being fuzzy in direction (via our “seeds”).

Our roots are who we inherently are at heart.

Our seeds are what new things we create using all the resources we have available to us.

Both are needed for healthy evolution.


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