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who on Earth is free and happy?

May your Earth Day be extra green!

Did you realize that a large percentage of the US human population (and in most other places too) lives on little to no money? The percentage is about 20% of us living on less than $500 a year.

You might immediately classify these people as being poor, given that limited description of them.

But you will probably change your opinion of them once I mention that these people are generally happier, healthier, and have more fun and free time than most of the humans you know.

This group of humans I’m talking about get all, or nearly all, of their needs met without having to pay anyone anything. They don’t generally have to bribe anyone to help them get food, water, air, warmth, light, and the freedom to express themselves. They might not have everything they need, but they tend to have far more of their needs met than most of the humans with very high paying jobs, or moderate paying jobs. And that’s because most people believe that it’s important to take care of these particular individuals so that they can be healthy. They are often given the option to do work for others, but they rarely feel forced to do so just to meet their basic physical needs.

These happy and healthy and materially comfortable individuals are taken care of simply because they are alive, rather than because they have filled out paperwork, lifted heavy objects, or entertained the public.

Now, imagine if everyone were taken care of in this way.

Yes, imagine a world where we all choose to take care of each other, simply because we are alive, in the same way that we choose to take care of children…


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