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inner conflict

Inner conflict is what happens when one part of your brain has one opinion of something and another part of your brain has a very different opinion of something. Both perspectives are valid, yet they are conflicting when it comes time to decide what to do.

For example, when you love someone because they have done something amazing for you, but they have also done something to hurt you, you will have mixed feelings about them. Your opinions of them will be in opposition, wanting to both be close to them and avoid them at the same time.

The outcome of having inner conflict for too long, without resolving it, is that you will, often not consciously, probably create outer conflict with others. Which, of course, is likely to be harmful to you.

So, clearly, it’s valuable to you to resolve your own inner conflicts in a timely manner before you step out in the big wide world. :-)

The basic process that works well to resolve your inner conflict is to clarify what you are most worried about losing, and what you most want. Then share that information with everyone who seems interested in having any sort of relationship with you (physical, emotional, intellectual, and/or spiritual).

Once you’ve done this successfully, you will find that instead of causing conflict with others in your life, you create more meaningful and rewarding connections.

For more information on doing this inner mediation, check out Binikou’s How to Express Anger and Sadness Energy.

Because if your own worst enemy is yourself, and the best way to eliminate your enemies is by making them your friends, isn’t it time to make friends with yourself?


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