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What is cancer?

the cure for cancer is extremely high quality nutrition, air, water, warmth, sun, and freedom

Cancer, it turns out, is the body’s survival mechanism for dealing with extreme deficiencies in nutrition and oxygen. It’s what happens when a body has been subjected to an environment that is consistently toxic and/or otherwise preventing the individual from getting the basic necessities of biological function. At some point, the cells in the body are just so starving for the oxygen they need from the blood that they go into emergency function mode where they turn off most of their normal healthy processes, and focus only on rapid growth. It’s the microscopic equivalent of the fight-or-flight response, with the cells fighting for their lives in an environment that has been regularly hostile to them.

In other words, cancer is what happens when you treat your body badly. It’s the body fighting back against the crap that it’s been subjected to.

So if you want your body to NOT fight against you, and instead to work with you, so you can be cancer free and healthy, you need to stop fighting against your body, and instead nurture your body. You can focus on what your body needs to grow healthfully: truly nutritious, whole, fresh foods, naturally clean water and fresh air that’s full of oxygen, comfortable warmth — including the loving hugs from friends and family) — plenty of energizing sunlight, and the time and space to offer your body’s overabundances of poop, pee, sweat, heat, words and other sounds, and all it’s other physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual expressions, both positive and negative, to the world at large, so that the matter and energy can be successfully absorbed, recycled, and otherwise put into use for all kinds of creative efforts.

Of course, most people don’t know this little secret about cancer being the body’s response to an individual attacking it. And so most people miss out on the most effective and joyful solution to healing, of indulging in everything most beautiful and rewarding that one is naturally motivated to enjoy in life.

Now that you know the secret, you know what to do…


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