I am for you

the balance of giving and receiving

Pascal's categories of yin and yang

Nothing is ever truly created or destroyed because the amount of matter~energy in the universe is constant.

We may breathe in but we must also always breathe out as well.

We take in only what the universe allows us to take in, and then the universe makes us give it back, in some way.

There is always balance, even when there seems to be imbalance. Any imbalance we might perceive exists only in a moment in time and space, not in all of reality. All of reality is always perfect and balanced.

In other words you cannot possibly take more than you give in life! You will always, in the end, give exactly as much as you take, and any “debts” you amass will always be paid when you are finally done.

As a living being, the only way you can possibly give more than you take is in a philosophical sense. You can offer up new, unique, combinations of energy and/or matter that have never existed before, either by (pro)creating genetically, artistically (emotionally), memetically (intellectually), or xemetically (ideologically).


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