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equality and hierarchy


We know from scientific research on human societies that the more equal a society is, the more it thrives with creative productivity and health.

But what does it mean for a society to have more equality?

And what about the growth process which we talk about here that I call a hierarchy?

How do these two elements of equality and hierarchy work together to improve the lives of everyone simultaneously?

It comes down to the duality of the universe being both a whole and made up of unique parts. Ever since the beginning of our universe, the whole of our reality has been separated into a varity of unique parts that we call individuals. Each individual (be it a quark, molecule, cell, organism, species, society, planet, sun, galaxy, etc.) has it’s own internal hierarchy of growth which starts at the bottom with it’s initial creation, and includes, at the very center of the top, an ideal. That ideal defines the absolutele best potential form and function that that individual can possibly achieve, given it’s basic structure (chemistry/biology/physics) combined with all the best circumstances and resources that the universe can possibly provide them. This peak ideal is the individual’s natural direction of motivation, which it consistently works towards. Where one is in one’s own hierarchy is simply whatever location one is at compared to the two end points of one’s beginning and one’s potential peak ideal.

Of course, since the universe, and human society, isn’t anywhere near it’s ideal right now (at the time of this blog post) none of us individuals are in a situation where we have the best circumstances and resources. So not only will us individual waver in our progress towards our peak selves, but we will also have to compromise regularly, and accept extremely non-ideal (partly harmful) circumstances and resources just to ensure our survival.

In other words, we all take a lot of crap just to keep going, which makes it even harder for us to become our best.

And this is where equality comes in. When we approach everyone with the awareness that they have such a potential peak form and function, and that their best selves are far, far, far better than where they are right now, given all the crap that they’ve been forced to take in just to survive up to now, then we can see how everyone is the same as us. We are all the same in needing better quality stuff for us to become our greatest possible selves. This is our equality.

Since all individuals in the universe are currently imperfect then we are all equal in needing better circumstances and resources for us to grow into more ideal individuals.

And just like in individual organisms such as us animals, part of the ideal for our planet is for us humans to work together to help all of us Earthlings get higher quality circumstances and resources so that each of us parts of the whole can grow closer to our own peak form and function within our own unique hierarchies so that the whole planet can come closer to the most perfect Earth possible.

So you can see that hierarchy can be seen as an individual’s internal progress bar, and you can see equality as the awareness that for each individual to make the most progress they need the best the universe has to offer.


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