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the waves of reality

what useful patterns are hidden in Pascal's triangle?

Ultimately, there is no wave-particle duality. Everything is waves. These things we call particles (matter) are just waves that are more concentrated than average. The particles are the peaks and valleys of the waves where the forces are temporarily more stable and consistent in a given location in space.

It’s been an extremely misleading faux pas for scientists to suggest that things cease being waves at some point, and somehow “change” into fully solid objects that exist separately from everything else, as that’s just physically impossible given our reality of being able to experience things “at a distance” (if things were totally “solid” and not waving (ha!) at us well beyond their defined boundaries, we wouldn’t be able to see, hear, smell, taste, or touch them). The moons wave’s peak might be way up there in outer space, but if I can experience it in any way, in any sense, then at least some parts of the moon’s wave will be in the same place I am, giving me the information I need to know (unconsciously) quite a bit about the thing. The moon is mostly there, in it’s most dense wave form, but the moon is also a little bit here, in it’s less dense wave form.

Understanding the physical reality of existence as a multitude of fluctuating patterns (waves) interacting with each other gives us far more power to work with reality. Paying attention to the patterns of life and their frequency, amplitude, direction, and length, and to where we are presently located within the wave, will allow us to intentionally resonate with them, rather than crash into them in painful and negatively productive ways that cancel out our own intentional forces. Oppositional waves are occasionally useful for emergency situations, to stop the progress of some energy that is exceptionally harmful to our goals, but opposing other forces only produces a standing wave, which leaves us stuck in the same place, but spending lots of energy doing so. For actual progress moving toward where we want to travel, we need to find a wave that is moving in the direction we do want to go, and add our own resonant energy to it, to help us get there even faster, as a master surfer does when riding an ocean wave.

And I’m not talking metaphorically here. I’m talking about the very real waves that are the actual, measurable patterns of all things in life, from atomic vibrations, to heartbeats, to breathing, to circadian rhythms, to the effects of the cycles of the sun, moon, and Earth on us.

Studying the wave patterns of life hasn’t been top of the academic world’s list of things to do for a long time (they’ve been busy measuring tiny bits of life, instead, and taking them apart to see what’s inside for a “small picture” perspective), so we can either go elsewhere to pursue our interests, or we can change academia to better suit our needs. Either way, we can invest our collective resources in observing the big picture waves that are the patterns of healthy growth. I’ve discovered some, in a very general sense, but there are definitely many more, in a variety of dimensions of life. The map I’ve begin to draw, based on those who’ve studied patterns of growth before me, is only an extremely low resolution version. Mine is only black and white, at something like 4 dpu (dots per universe). It’s a start, but it’s nowhere near a lavishly illustrated, full spectrum, 4 dimensional map that will seriously (and joyfully) serve our needs for navigating reality successfully.

So, yeah, we need as many of you curious types out there to consider focusing some of your time and energy on investigating the waves that move through life, so that we can learn how to surf them with grace and power and intention as we make our way from the shore that is birth to the shore that is death, and, perhaps, beyond, in at least a procreative sense…


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