I am for you

love your negative emotions!

pushing and pulling make art!

What many people don’t fully understand is that negative emotions are definitely NOT bad. Instead they are natural and healthy and definitely useful. They are the body’s reaction to very real threats, and simply signals to pay attention to some area of your life that needs some help.

What is dangerous is repressed, ignored, and denied emotions, negative or positive. The chemical reactions that are emotions, unless properly expressed so that they are either burned up or excreted out of the body, will slowly fester inside the body, messing with other body systems, and causing all kinds of long term diseases. This is true for both negative and positive emotions because they are both an abundance of chemicals that cause an imbalance in the system. Some imbalance is clearly necessary for a healthy, growing system like the human body, as it needs the highs of growth spurts and the lows of rest periods to properly mature, such as the cycles of exercise and sleep or breathing in and out. We need both joy and sadness. But when the body is trying to rest, and there are still unexpressed intense emotions (high levels of chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol) running around the body, or vice versa, when there are sedative chemicals from overly peaceful emotions (GABA) when it’s time for the body to grow, things can easily get quite messy for the body.

Ideally, we will be free to express our emotions, positive and negative as soon as we get them. This way our body’s chemicals flow smoothly, and get used for whatever purpose the body~brain has created them. This might mean training people in more productive ways to use their different kinds of (chemical) energy so that their emotions are as useful as possible and serve everyone’s needs well. Negative energy — pushing away actions — is just as useful as positive energy — pulling toward actions — in the right circumstances. We just sometimes need a little practice and wisdom on how to make or find the right circumstances. :-)

In an emergency, the chemicals from emotional energy can be temporarily put aside to be used later, or flushed out completely, but if the cause of those emotions is repeated, the body will be intelligent enough to make them again, to let you know that, “Something really does need help here and now!” So expressing those emotions — positive or negative — is indeed something that we need to make time and space for whenever possible so that we can be the right level of balance and imbalance to truly thrive.


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