I am for you

our system is fluid

both air and water flow, try going with it

Of course, our system is also fractal.

So when I say “our system” I might mean anything from an atom, to a cell, to a human, to a planet, to a universe.

On the human level, that means if one wants to go somewhere, the easiest way to do it is to go with the flow. Just as in the process of sailing and flying, one uses the action of pushing/fighting-against minimally, as a steering mechanism, while using the action of pulling/working-with as the primary force for your power.

When you are working with the environmental forces, you only need a little push to help you aim in the specific direction that you want to go.

Creativity comes about when you combine the mainstream with your own small, and unique, effort.

Someone interesting told me recently that because I’ve finally learned to go with the flow when it comes to my own internal process, all that’s left is to learn to go with the flow of the external process. In other words, I’ve essentially stopped fighting against myself, and now I will be focusing on learning how to stop fighting against the “it” that is the external world.

I know how to steer my own inner energy to get my own self to where I want it to go, within my body, and soon I will know how to steer with the energy of the whole world to get my whole self~body to where I want to go, outside.


And, of course, I wish everyone to be able to learn this navigating skill as well. Presumably the ability to help others learn this delightful skill will come once I’ve reached that next level of ability, and I’ll be able to help others know how to steer their own selves, internally and externally.


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