I am for you

we do do unto others

are you looking for challenging ice or nurturing water?

Rather than being a suggestion for what we “should” do, it appears that the “Golden Rule” of

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

is really more of an explanation of our normal human behavior. Because when you really look at yourself, you will see that, when you want others to challenge you, you challenge them, and when you want others to support you, you support them. Though you might not see this upon first glance of yourself. It might be a desire that is buried deep down somewhere.

This doing unto others as we want to be done to us behavior isn’t perfect, of course. But as a general approach we behave as if others are mirrors, reflecting our own actions back onto us.

Consider this possibility the next time you do something for/to someone else, and ask yourself if this is something you also think you should have for yourself? Are you looking to be challenged or supported in this same way?

Similarly, consider that when someone else does something for/to you that they might very well be thinking that they also should have this too. Do you think they want to be challenged or supported in return?


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