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what’s mine is you and yours

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“Ownership” could be better described as “positive relationship”, and “stewardship”. The “own” element is more of a sense of both the self and the other being connected and part of a larger unit(y). The sense of oneness. It’s a sense of caring about and being connected to the “other” in a similar way to feeling that one’s own stomach, or hand, or hair, belongs to one’s self because the health and wellbeing of these “other” things are important to the health and wellbeing of the self.

The origin of the word “ownership” is “owe” which means to feel responsible for giving something back to someone, in return for having been taken care of by them in some way.

This extension of the self outside of the body appears with things that one has had some kind of positive exchange with – material and/or energy-wise. This “other” individual thing (living or not) has either given us something we could use, or has found a use for something we needed to get rid of. Or both. Once that positive connection has been made, the relationship becomes one of “ownership” or “owingship”: a relationship of wanting to take care of the other, at least as well as the other has taken care of us…

“This is my bicycle.” Because it has given me the freedom to go places I needed to go, and do things I needed to do.

“This is my job.” Because it gives me the ability to grow into a healthier person, and gives me a venue for expressing myself.

“This is my feeling.” Because it helps me know what it healthy for my body, and what is important to avoid.

“This is my idea.” Because it let me express myself, and it allowed me to more easily get something I needed.

“This is my family” Because they have given me what I’ve needed to become the woman I am so very proud to be today, and they’ve accepted so much of what I’ve had to offer, in so many ways.

“This is my world.” Because you’ve given me most of what I’ve needed in life, and taken most everything that I’ve needed to get rid of.

We might not always know how to take care of another (we have a hard enough time knowing how to even take care of our ourselves) but if we call the other our “own” then taking care of that other is indeed what we are speaking of.

For starters, of course, I suggest using whatever excess resources we have to help the things we own get their basic needs met, so that they can become as whole as possible. For humans that’s getting nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, warmth, sunlight, and the freedom to express the solids, liquids, gases, and energy that they have in excess. For other individuals, that might be some oil on the chain of our bike, helping our idea move out into new territory, and finding a way to use whatever the world has to offer us to make something new and meaningful.


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