I am for you

taking a stand

she dreams of flowers

I stand for creativity, love, evolution, health, growth, and life – the earth, generally, and more specifically, my close family and friends, especially my husband, and my own self.

What do you stand for? What are you willing to risk your comfort to defend/support/create?



  turil wrote @

I’m happy to continue this conversation on the more appropriate/personal discussion forum at The Wholistic Enchilada, where everyone can participate freely and openly.


  turil wrote @

A poster who chooses to remain anonymous in name (from, and whom I believe has a lot of anger that they are looking to take out on me, would like to share a website with you:


If anyone else wants to discuss personal issues with me, they can do so at the Wholistic Enchilada website listed in my comment above. Or in person with me, or via email. This blog here is focused on the most intellectually refined ideas and discussions, while the Whole Enchilada community is open to all individuals and discussions. Anything posted here that is negative or intentionally harmful will be removed and/or moved to the Wholistic Enchilada. I value both my own free speech, including the freedom to share only what I believe is the highest quality discussion here, and other’s freedom of speech, which is why I set up the Wholistic Enchilada arena for whatever you want to share with me, regardless of how positive, constructive, and healthy I think it is.

Thanks, and apologies.

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