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two wrongs don’t make a right

not the shortest distance between two points, but the most positively interesting!

Imagine if the folks in leadership situations (from government, to smaller groups such as schools and organizations and families) had honestly learned this back in kindergarten?

-1 + -1 = -2

A negative plus a negative does not equal a positive. Instead it equals two negatives, which puts things even more out of balance. This is the beginning of the downward spiral because if others follow the same logic of two wrongs making a right (aka tit for tat, in game theory) that second wrong will also be countered by yet another wrong, leading to three negatives, and so on.

Instead, try this logic:

-1 + 2 = 1

To get from a negative to a positive, so as to bring the overall balance of things into the positive side, you need to add two positives.

This is the natural positive spiral of healthy life. One step back and two steps forward.

This is the “logic” of the laws of nature and evolution – overall constant growth, with some periodic fluctuations that lead to sometimes having gross losses (mass extinctions) and sometimes having gross gains (more diversity), but always with a small net gain. (At least this is the case in our present universe. It’s definitely possible that this is just a temporary expansion in life, the universe, and everything that we know. But it seems to be safe to say that this very slow net growth will continue to be the case for at least as long as humans are around.)

So next time you encounter some wrong in the world, and you want to be evolutionary, or progressively revolutionary (as in a spiral), consider doing two things that are right. They can be as related or unrelated to the particular wrong as you want, as long as they are overall positive actions. And by positive, I mean promoting growth, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and/or spiritually. For humans that means increasing the availability of whole foods, clean water, fresh air, warmth, sunlight, and the freedom to express their excess solids, liquids, gases, and energy.

Maybe a clearer way to say it is “A wrong plus two rights makes a right.” What do you think?



  tickyt wrote @

Word has it you committed four wrongs in quick succession in the courthouse, not to mention the wrongs you committed that led to your standing in the courthouse.

What 5+++ things do you plan to do to set it right? Or are you just going to sit back and wait for “leaders” to do all those nice things *for* you?

  turil wrote @

If you think that I did four wrong things, then you’d need to do the 5+ right things. Either compensate whomever you think was harmed. Or just generally help someone you think needs help getting more whole food, clean water, fresh air, warmth, sunlight, and/or freedom to express their excess solids, liquids, gases, and energy. For a start, just focus on counterbalancing one wrong at a time. Since it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

As for me, I saw several things I considered wrong in the past few days, and, as a leader in a couple of groups, I’m doing several right things to first compensate and then help evolution step forward. Some of them small, others grand. For one, I wrote this blog post, which I’m hoping will help some people find useful ways to use their excess energy. (It gave you the opportunity to express yourself, for example. :-) For another, I’m looking for some ways to help out my mother, now that my stepfather can’t be there to support her, physically. I’m sure there will be more, as well.

  tickyt wrote @

So in other words, you get to do as many wrong things as you like, and other people should act more positive to make up for your negativity?

This does not sound inspiring :-(

  turil wrote @

No, you get to do all the wrong things you need to, and I compensate for them. I don’t expect anyone else to take care of the world for me.

And what I did in that courtroom was abosolutely the right thing to do, for everyone. I gave David a passionate hug, kiss, and words, and was willing to risk going to jail for it. I stood up for what I believed was right. David deserves to not be abandoned by me, and to vent his anger at me.

  tickyt wrote @

You did that against his expressed wishes and consent, didn’t you?

  turil wrote @

I did both what he said he wanted, which was for me to violate the order, and to be put in jail, and what he has said in the past, and continues to act like he wants, which is for me to not give up on him.

Also, if you want to continue this conversation about this specific event, rather than the philosophy of the post, please do so on the Wholistic Enchilada (wholee) community on LJ, or via email. I want to keep this site limited to the highest quality stuff I can offer. And this is not. :-)

  tickyt wrote @

I’m confused. If he’s asking for a restraining order, then he isn’t (presently) asking for you to violate it or get put in jail, right? He’s asking you to stay away, that’s what restraining orders mean.

And if this isn’t the highest-quality stuff you can offer why are you doing it?

I can’t find wholee on Livejournal, sorry.

  turil wrote @


And as for what goes here, as I’ve said before, this is like a museum or art gallery or book, a place to highlight the best work, not everything. The goal is to give people an opportunity to see the things that are unusual, exceptional, and as close to greatness as possible, so that they can, hopefully, be inspired. Obviously not everyone will be inspired by the stuff in a museum, art gallery, or book, but as long as some people are inspired enough, it’s worth doing.

  tickyt wrote @

I looked at the Livejournal link, and it looks like a mire. I’m sorry but I’d rather not enter that community.

It also didn’t change my opinion about the court occurance, I saw the man’s quoted email and whatever he said before that, it seems to me he changed his mind.

I think you have expressed some very high ideals but don’t apply them to your actions, and twist yourself all up trying to justify.

  turil wrote @

Ideals are just that, ideals, not reality. They are goals to aim for, with the understanding that we’re only human, and not capable of perfection. We do the best we can.

And ultimately, as far as I can tell, what we do is always what we’re “supposed” to do based on the laws of nature/reality. In other words, fate. So rather than use the term “justify” I use the term “explain”.

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