I am for you

Where do we begin?

Maybe we could call the ultimate reality The Great Blue Chicken Mushroom!

We must begin all our thoughts~conversations somewhere.

We must have at least a reasonably firm ground upon which to balance our ideas.

We must start with something.

And not just any old something, but the something. The ultimate something. The something that is not just something, but also is everything!

It’s the one thing that we also must agree on before anything else can be said or thought of, because everything, quite literally, depends upon it. (Even the concept of nothing depends upon the concept of everything, since no thing is precisely the “negation of thing”, for which at least some thing has to exist in at least some sense, so that it can be negated).

All of us who are blessed with the ability to think about new ideas and communicate them with other thinking individuals agree that something does indeed exist (or we couldn’t experience these somethings called ideas, and we certainly couldn’t share those idea-somethings with these other thinking-individual-somethings!). We also seem to agree that that ultimate something appears to have parts that are different (such as the ideas and other thinkers).

So when we begin to think, and communicate, we start out by giving a word/name/symbol to represent that largest something, and then we can go about naming the parts, and looking at their relationships within the whole. Some people (some of the parts!) have come up with the term God for the whole thing. (While some consider God to be one of the larger parts, but not necessarily the whole thing.) Others have different words for the whole grand something, such as the Universe, the Multiverse, 宇宙, Вселенный, Θεός, Dios, and so on.

Once a group of people agree on the name for the whole, they can more solidly get into thinking and talking more in detail about all the smaller parts. They can then spend the rest of their lives talking about and thinking about all the seemingly infinite parts, of all shapes and sizes, and how they relate to each other!

Of course, if people can’t even agree on a word to use for the whole of everything, then it’s going to be extremely difficult to have any kind of useful conversation, which is a big part of why we have wars… And it’s why when someone uses the word “God”, my first reaction is to ask what they mean by the term. Is it the whole of existence? Or just one of the parts, and if so, which part? The answer usually ends up being some fuzzy idea relating to some kind of highest level of nature/forces/laws, and, upon closer inquiry, often involves positive, creative forces more so than destructive, negative forces, though not always.

Ultimately, none of us parts will likely ever know the whole story of everything, but the more we combine our knowledge of things – the parts – and how they relate to other things, the more we will at least get closer to understanding the whole.

So, are you ready to begin? And if so, what would you like to call it all?


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