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industrial water versus natural water

do you know what to do with a cactus?

I challenge you to spend some time today coming up with one way to improve the quality of water in your life.

I’m guessing that the majority of you reading this get what you might call “industrial water”, that is, water that has been intentionally modified in some way through some factory process. And they have convinced most people that this is necessary, to the point where if they don’t give us their manufactured water, there is a mass panic, or at least a mass of people hording bottled water from stores, and having soda and beer bottlers come in to “rescue” us from our plight. (And I say this from experience, as the greater Boston area had a “water main break” last spring, and millions of people were ordered not to drink the tap water.)

But this is insane, of course. Water is a natural resource that is abundant in the world. And don’t you agree that it’s up to us to free ourselves from the dependency on industry to “make” our water for us?

How about a rain water catchment system? How about finding a spring nearby your house? How about learning how best to filter water cheaply through rocks or ceramics? Or maybe learning to test water for industrial chemicals?

Perhaps the simplest thing you can do to improve the quality of water in your life is to start drinking your water out of glass containers, or non-corrosive metal, rather than plastic, so that you’re sure to keep the water you already have from getting any more toxic from plastic leaching into it. Also, it’s pretty simple to collect rainwater in a large bowl or pot, and filter it a little (for debris, mostly) through a clean cloth, to drink. And, of course, getting your water from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables is both ideal and very, very simple!

It’s up to you what you want to do to improve the element that makes up the largest percentage of your own body, so that you can indeed have the best chance of being your best self!


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