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power dynamics and equality

Lincoln both used his power to help and to harm.

Life is all about inequality, as change (a primary element of life) can’t happen if everything is balanced (equal). But sometimes the changes in life, caused by highly unequal forces of power, are simply too stressful for reality to withstand without breaking, so opposing forces naturally come in to counteract the imbalance.

If you are exerting too much power, even if you don’t realize it, sooner or later something will show up that either takes your power away, or neutralizes it. Which is why it’s useful to pay attention to your own power, and how you are using it, so you don’t get shocked by sudden surges of power knocking you off your feet.

As long as you are using your resources to empower those who have less power, you will be serving reality’s need for reasonable equality, and you will be rewarded by reality. Go against that reasonable balance by trying to use your power against those who are less powerful than you, even if you believe you’re “justified”, and eventually you will feel the backlash of reality returning things to a more even keel.

In other words, rather than trying to harm those who you feel are “beneath” you and rather than trying to get more power for yourself, use your power to take care of the little guy, and your life will be longer and easier, and much more rewarding. And if you must pick on someone, pick on someone your own size, so you’re chances are around 50-50, the way reality likes them. :-)



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