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the future of mental health care

healing is natural, once you remove the restraints to healthy growth

An exploration of the most effective approaches to supporting mental health include the following elements:

1. Insuring that the individual has access to the resources they need to be physically healthy (basic input and output needs).

2. Insuring that the individual understands that the world needs them to be healthy because they are a valuable part of their environment (family, community, world, universe).

3. Insuring that the individual has access to participation in some form of work/play/education which is valued by the world and is interesting to them.

4. Insuring that the individual has access to some form of open-ended exploration of philosophy, for when they are ready to explore the deeper questions they have about life, meaning, and reality.

Anything else (clown noses, drugs, telling me about your mother, etc.) is either extraneous, at best, or harmful, at worst.

The question is, where is the change to this more effective and efficient structure of mental health care going to happen first? Are there any working organizations that have more than two of these already as their mission statement?

Do you think it will be easier to bring this structure into the health care field through the educational field, via politics and activism, through religion/philosophy, or in some other way?


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