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deanthropomorphizing humans


One of the interesting things that humans tend to do is to try to separate themselves from nature – to act like humans are somehow “supernatural”.

Some people complain that we “anthropomorphize” other animals and even nature herself (sometimes in the form of a God/goddess), when, in fact, there is very little difference between humans, cats, trees, planets, and even the universe itself.

We are made of the same basic things as everything else – we are literally stardust – and our behaviors are nearly identical to all other things: moving around, making connections with other things, and then changing in some way. The level of complexity of movement, connections, and change with humans is probably higher than that of atoms, and lower than that of a planet, but it’s all still movement, connections, and change. At a level of complexity closer to our own, we sometimes use the term “intention” but it’s really the same process, just more of it all at once, that gives us the illusion that there is a difference.

We are just a part of the flow of the laws of nature. She is like us. And we are like her. And so are all the other beings in the universe. A whirlpool or wave might look like it’s acting separately from the rest of it’s environment, in the same way that a planet of humans might look unique in comparison to the rest of the solar system, but it’s all really just a natural part of the flow, as it all moves around itself, connecting and changing, and moving, connecting, and changing yet again.


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  moonraven222 wrote @

What a great post. We certainly are part of nature, made of stardust and part of the flow.
It’s just hard to see it when we isolate ourselves with concrete, asphalt, and steel. Thanks for the reminder!

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