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light and heat, at the beginning of winter, makes us feel more alive

Along with using things like Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Buddhism and other inquiry processes that help one become more aware of reality so that one can work with it for a more rewarding life, it might be useful to try the following treatments that I’ve pulled out of my bag of tricks. These are common solutions that humans use when the thing that they really need, for healthy growth, isn’t presently available. These things are essentially the little boy’s finger that’s stuck in the hole in the dam. It’s a temporary jury rigged stopgap measure that will hold until something better, and more truly fulfilling can be accessed.

When you feel you need something physically, but can’t get it, nutritious food and clean water can help. So keep plenty of spring water or filtered tap water, around, if you can. And also keep super healthy fresh whole foods within reach pretty much at all times. Fruit and nuts are my favorite. But greens are probably the best. If you acquire a taste for them, you can keep wheatgrass, basil, wood sorrel, and aloe growing next to your bed and/or wherever you do most of your work~play during the day, so that you can much on them whenever you are physically stressed.

When you feel you need something emotionally, but can’t get it, clean water and fresh air can help. Again, water is crucial to your basic health as a human being. So it’s worth your time and effort to keep the highest quality water you can afford (whenever possible get it from from a trusted source such as an underground spring or rainwater, and kept in a glass container, or maybe stainless steel, to keep it safe from toxins, if at all possible) right next to you during your day. And focusing on the quality of your breathing, as well as the quality of air in your environment will allow you to overcome emotional stress much more easily. Yogic breathing exercises, and plants can really help you here.

When you feel the need for something intellectual, but can’t get it, fresh air and warmth can help. For healthy, logical problem solving, your brain needs plenty of oxygen. And it needs the rest of your body to have a little bit extra heat so that it doesn’t need to worry about sending so much blood to the extremities, such as your fingers and toes, and can instead aim more of that energizing blood to your prefrontal cortex.

And when you feel the need for something spiritual, but can’t get it, warmth and light can help. Fire and sunlight and pretty holiday lights are indeed reassuring to the soul, reminding us that all life comes from stars. Even if we aren’t consciously aware of it, having light and warmth in our lives allows us to remember, somewhere deep within our cells, genes, and even atoms, that we are indeed made of stardust, and are very rare, unique, and awesome creations of the universe, who are temporarily assembled to create something even more rare, unique, and awesome, in some way. :-)



  moonraven222 wrote @

Sounds reasonable!

I particularly like your last point, that “life comes from stars” and “we are indeed made of stardust”. As someone who is a sucker for candles and holiday lights, I can appreciate how “reassuring to the soul” they are,

Thanks for posting this.

  turil wrote @

Wait until you see my new circadian rhythm diagram, which explains how we move through the four basic stages (physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual) on a daily basis. (I always figured the pattern was fractal, but never really thought about it on a daily basis before, until I sent Helen Fisher an email about her brain chemistry theory, and mentioned that the lifetime pattern probably was the same as the daily pattern.) It’s not just interesting and useful, it’s also really inspiring as it shows how our daily experience naturally moves through the color spectrum, with us ending up waking up to an emotionally charged cyan sky, then seeing lots of intellectually stimulating green, then with a beautiful sunset and a fiery red glow in our very spiritual evening, and finally ending up again in the sleepy time of midnight blue as our unconscious, physical, selves recharge in the week hours of the morning. I seriously want to test out these colors to see if people who get them in the right proportion at the right time of day become more healthy.

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