I am for you

maybe you are acting and directing, and maybe you’re just watching the show

are you here or there?

When it comes to the idea of free will – specifically the independent ability to make choices disconnected from the reality of one’s own nature (internal biology) and nurture (external environment), even the most seasoned experts are divided on whether or not it exists. More and more are agreeing that it most likely doesn’t exist, but there is still some doubt in many well trained minds, so it’s safe to say that there are good reasons for believing that you have free will and good reasons that you haven’t got free will.

Which is why I suggest that the most successful approach is to believe that you have free will as long as that belief allows you to be healthy and positive with yourself and others, and that as soon as that belief causes you to be unhealthy and negative towards yourself and/or others then it’s time to dismiss that belief as being useless, for the time being at least, and instead look at things as if one’s actions are fully a product of all the matter and energy one has been given in life by one’s parents and environment, and that the story of life has already been written and is playing out on some four dimensional movie screen in front of you for you to be titillated and entertained and maybe educated by. And that if you haven’t been enjoying a particular scene, you can believe that there is probably some really interesting plot twist coming up any moment now that will change everything. And, naturally, when neither of those beliefs allow you to be healthy and positive towards yourself and others then it’s probably time for a little nap. :-)


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