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Some people who know my personal situation and my relationship, housing, and employment history might find it surprising, but I honestly and deeply love my life the vast majority of the time.

I think that there are two internal reasons for this:

1. I do what I love as often as I possibly can, even if it seems silly, “bad”, or if others don’t understand why it’s important. (With the crucial caveat that everyone around me is free to ignore me or leave my presence so that they can be personally responsible for taking care of their own needs at the time.)

2. I am aware of evidence that the man I married and love so passionately and deeply most likely still very much loves me and values me and thinks I’m a good person and does in fact want me to he healthy and happy, and wishes to be with me passionately, too, even if he isn’t always able to express that. (And, at a somewhat lower level of importance, but still probably significant, the perceived love and respect and support of my parents is part of this overall sense of being a person who is indeed better off alive than dead.)

So this vision of being free to be the most loving person I possibly can be while also feeling that I am a very much loved person is what makes me very happy to be alive most of the time these days.

Which leads me to ask: What if we had as a goal for every individual human (and eventually every other individual social animal) to feel loved and loving most of the time? What if that was incorporated into public and private policy? What kind of world can you imagine if this was normal?



  moonraven222 wrote @

That is such a clear and wonderful goal–every human being *should* feel loved and loving! How can each of us work toward that? I know it’s what I want.

Thanks for writing this!

  turil wrote @

How? I’d say continue to promote and use the real Prime Directive:


And we can start in any position where we are leaders (including our own body) by saying that our intention is to have more quality input, more options for free output, and more mediation with win-win solutions for when there is conflict.

That’s what I’d say is the how. :-)

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