I am for you

totem pole

without the cracked mushroom and awkward seashell crown, the flowery turtle would fall down!

The factor that makes all the difference between someone being “sick” and one being healthfully different is, from what I can tell, literally describing an individual as one other the other and then treating them as such.

It’s not just the “magic of words”, but that’s part of it. The other part is the magic of action, which, as we know, speaks even louder than words.

So, how are you speaking and acting when it comes to those around you? Are you aware enough of the value of their different approach to life – physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually – and their general tendency to choose the most healthful solution from the options that they see as being available to them, to be able to express how they are healthfully different in word and deed?

I certainly haven’t done this a whole lot, due to training and habits for doing other things instead, but I continue to pay attention to the idea of seeing the value in everything, and that intentional practice has indeed improved my performance in this skill. And I will continue to remind myself to look for how others are different and healthy as I go though life interacting with so many incredibly diverse individuals who all contribute something important to the health and growth of life itself, whether I am consciously aware of it or not. Perhaps this is what makes me healthfully different from you. Or, perhaps this is what makes me similarly healthy to you, depending on which sorts of ways you are healthy.

Also, if anyone can come up with a more poetic way of saying “healthfully different” I’d love to hear it! I’m always happy to encourage my memes to evolve into more resilient and beautiful creatures!


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  moonraven222 wrote @

Nice–seeing the value in everything, and particularly the diverse ways in which we manifest health. I will try to do this as I go through my day.

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