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why people do what they do

complexity from simple ideals

It’s been said that we humans are incredibly complex. And clearly we are. Heck, we’re not really even just one species. Instead our internal make-up contains something like ten thousand different species, (mostly microbes). And we’ve got something like trillions of trillions of cells in our body, including all those other species that are the individual human “us”.

And that’s just one single individual human being.

So yes, life is indeed complex. At least when you look at it from a microscope, or it’s literary equivalent.

But from a different perspective, one much broader and more inclusive, life is also simple.

Individuals want things that help us grow. Individuals want to avoid things that prevent us from growing. And individuals have the ability to get information about the things we individuals encounter in our environment.

So when people do something, you have the option to look at their behavior from this comfortably simple perspective of them wanting to grow, wanting to avoid obstacles to growth, and/or trying to get more information about the world.

And when you look at people’s behavior that way, it really makes people look far more beautiful and positive. Which is nice, for a change, isn’t it? :-)


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