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emotional and intellectual Aikido

all the energy you need is there, just reverse the polarity!

Emotional Aikido is using the emotional energy that comes at you, including fear~anger, to do something you want to do by positioning yourself so that you can redirect things in a productive direction.

In addition to Aikido practitioners, sailors also know all about using what others might see as a negative force for a positive outcome, as they learn how to sail into the wind. And film photographers definitely know the importance of negatives when it comes to making a positive.

Because energy of any sort is a gift, as we living things require energy to grow.

And, it turns out that those who give you energy are like magnets, if their energetic gift is pushing or pulling you in a direction you don’t want to go – towards something that prevents you from growing – you can choose to instead rotate yourself, and possibly even your magnet~friend, around a little to make that energy push or pull you towards something that will help you grow. And if you’re really good at it, you can aim both of you in a direction that is mutually beneficial.

Intellectual Aikido is similar, in that you take the information that you’re being given and use it to help you gain progress on understanding how the world works. Regardless of the kind of information, or the source of the information, that you’re offered, you can notice how it relates to the subjects you most want to know more about, because, ultimately, everything is connected.

How to do all this is still somewhat of a mystery to me. Most likely it simply comes naturally when you are getting your basic physical needs met, and when you have a very clear intention for your highest goals in life. In other words, you will more easily get where you want to go when you know where you want to go, and have the basic physical resources to keep your body healthy enough to make it there. Which means that you can focus your resources on ensuring these two things – physical health and clarity of purpose – and you’ll be well prepared for anything that life throws at you.

Essentially, these are the ideas behind being able to see value in everything that happens to you, so that you can indeed grow, even in an environment that has many obstacles.


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  Accidental Aikidoist wrote @

Wow, I think this article explains everything (almost) that I want to do with my aikido training! Very well said and highlighted.

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