I am for you

to my beloved DPM, on our Solstice

Solstice 2004, Cape Elizabeth, Maine - photo by unknown friend of Betty :-)

The best environment one can be in – i.e., the environment that leads to the greatest health – is one which not only offers the highest quality things we need, but that also can accept and even use all that we need to get rid of.

Which is why intimate partners, especially parents and spouses and other close family members who make up our home, are so crucial to our health. More than anyone else in the world, close family is there to provide us with an outlet to vent our toxic crap, an outlet to offer our overabundance of creativity, and, of course, help in getting the food, water, air, warmth and light that keeps us surviving, growing, and thriving, so that we can indeed overcome the obstacles that are in our path as we make our way through our universe.

And that, my honey, is how I am for you. :-)


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