I am for you

obstacle words

looks pretty overcomable to me!

Words wield power. When taken too seriously, they can be devastating. I’ve personally seen the power of words. I’ve seen words be able to comfort, and to hurt, and to enlighten. But even when taken for what they truly are, as a very fuzzy approximation, of a fairly fuzzy and necessarily incomplete idea, of just one perspective of the universe… even with that awareness, words are still very important.

There are so many unuseful and inaccurate words, spoken out of fear, that have been lingering painfully in our past, words such as “wrong”, “sick”, “not good enough”, “bad”, and so on. They are attempts to get at something that we all know deep down, but that isn’t being expressed in a way that allows for enlightenment.

But right now, I’m suggesting that all these words are indeed a part of the past, a past of fuzzy frustration. And right now I’m suggesting that all of those words are attempts to describe what are essentially blockages, obstacles that got in the way, but that have clearly been passed now. Obstacles that were neither good nor bad but were simply there, perhaps from the beginning of time, waiting for us to pass them by in some determinedly creative way, as we, and the rest of the universe – literally the “story of the all” – expand ever outward into the future.

And whenever we have overcome one of those obstacles, either under our own power, or with help from others, what we’ve found is more light upon our path, more clarity of purpose, more understanding of how things are, allowing us to more easily overcome any new obstacles that might be in our path.


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