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Jeremy Rifkin’s version of our story

pale blue earth

I just got pointed to the most well spoken and well drawn story I’ve seen so far describing the patterns of growth in individual humans and society at large. It’s also a wonderful example of what you can get when you combine science and art.

It’s called The Evolution of Empathy and it’s a cartoon based on a speech by Jeremy Rifkin given at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), and it’s just a truly exceptional story of humanity.




  moonraven222 wrote @

Thank you for pointing this out. A thought provoking cartoon–it would be interesting to find out more about all this.

Would that this would result in more people developing empathy and compassion!

  turil wrote @

The thing is that empathy and compassion are natural instinctive things in all social animals. We’re born with the motivation to take care of ourselves, and that includes taking care of our environment (and all the flora and fauna contained within). And the ability to do this effectively increases as one’s environment offers one the basic physical needs for health, and the freedom to express oneself physically.

So if we want people to be able to expand their ability to act on their natural empathy and compassion, we need to ensure that they have those two basic sets of resources available to them.

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