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As a child, I was encouraged to be interested in both art and science. And then as I grew older, I was less encouraged to pursue science, and more encouraged to follow an artistic path (and the path of being a cashier, but that’s another story).

Why? I’m not sure. But what it led to was me ending up at an art school for college. I never really considered myself an artist. Not deep down anyway. As my college experience never really gave me a clear idea of what art was, or what it meant to be an artist. The closest I got was while studying with photographer Nicholas Nixon, who seemed to have the answers I was looking for, but I never quite got them out of him.

And then, a few years after graduation, a guy I was dating, who had also gone to MassArt, pointed me in the direction of the wonderful and brilliant comic artist and scholar Scott McCloud, and his omnibus art history book, Understanding Comics. And in that book, I found the answers I’d been seeking. After reading McCloud’s book, I had the happy understanding that art is communication. And good art is unique communication. The best art simply conveys an idea in a new way. Now that is something I definitely do!

And what’s so great about this definition of art is that it frees us up to use any medium we want to convey our ideas.

Any medium at all.

Including, your whole life…

If an audience were to look at your own life as a work of art, what message do you’d be conveying to them?


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