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all good meals are wild and free!

books on wild edibles and actual wild edibles at the local library

Starting tomorrow, Sunday, at sunset, and going for one week (at least) I’m going to use the currency of nature to “buy food”. In other words, I’m going to eat only wild and foraged foods. I’m going to research and find as many edible plants and mushrooms in my Boston area locale so that I can eat and feel satisfied and healthy. I’ll be documenting the story here, with daily updates, so interested folks can follow along with my experiment. And I’ll be talking to wild foods experts, which should be fun and add some new characters to my story.

It’s going to be quite a challenge, and I’d love people to help me, both in supporting me in keeping going, and in maybe suggesting food to look for, if you are a fan of wild foods. I know some, but a whole lot of the stuff I normally know that I can eat isn’t growing yet, because up until last week we were still getting frosts (it snowed last Friday…), so I’m going to be having a real crash course in learning about very early spring wild foods!

So far, in preparation, I’ve been exploring the area here with an eye for edibles, and I’ve tested out a few things including pine needle tea made with collected rainwater (better in me as tea than in the house as a flooded basement!). And I’ve made a visit to the library to make sure my pile of wild edible foods books is at least twice the size it is normally on my shelf.

I’m especially interested to see if I can find some kelp that isn’t totally contaminated by Boston sewage and whatever else is in the Boston area of the Atlantic, because I imagine that I’m going to really want something salty to go with my diet that’s likely to mostly consist of “cleansing spring greens”…

I’m pretty darned excited, and no matter what, it’s already been an excellent adventure in a sustainable living education and in how to further escape from my addiction to the monetary system.



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  moonraven222 wrote @

That does seem like an adventure. Good luck with it. I’ll be interested to see how it turns out.

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