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social currency

How about using postcards as currency? The more you get, the wealthier you are!

When you measure wealth in the “modern” mainstream way of looking at numbers in a bank account or in a wallet, you see boatloads of artificial discrepancies.

But when you measure wealth in the more traditional, and more futuristic, way of looking at important game skills such as health, knowledge, talent, insight, ability to work with others, and creativity, you can more easily see how the playing field is far more level, and you are well aware of how wealthy everyone around you really is, and in what ways they are wealthiest.

Can you imagine a bank account that listed your account balance the same way role playing games and Sim games do, with resources such as food, health, and magic counted instead of dollars or euros?

Or, what if we had social bank accounts that quantified our excess of physical resources (I’ve got extra wheatgrass seed today!), emotional resources (I’m looking for some companionship today!), Intellectual resources (I can explain the patterns of growth to you!), and spiritual resources, (I can help you see how your life is helping the whole of life itself evolve!).

Or how about a measurement system that kept track of the balance of your resources, showing you and others what you are most wealthy in, and what you are most deficient in at any given time. (Today, I’ve got 23% physical resources, 7% emotional resources, 50% intellectual resources, and 30% spiritual resources, so I’ve got plenty of ideas and compassion to offer, but I’m lacking in healthy physical stuff and seriously lacking in intimacy.)

What resources would you like to see be measured, in addition to, or instead of money?


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  moonraven222 wrote @

Thank you for exploring this. I’m glad people are questioning this society’s idea of money as wealth.

You are so on target when you talk about physical resources, emotional resources, intellectual resources, and spiritual resources. (Yes, and also “health, knowledge, talent, insight, ability to work with others, and creativity”.) These are our real forms of wealth, and these are what we should be focusing on strengthening, instead of accumulating piles of green paper or numbers on bank account statements, let alone hording SUVs, TVs, microwaves, appliances, entertainment centers, toys, and even houses! (Who really needs seven houses? I’d rather have one house and share it with lots of friends.)

And another of our resources, and a big source of our wealth, is each other.

May we find each other, become more connected with each other, and work together to help meet everyone’s real needs. As far as I am concerned, that is the only currency that really counts.

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