I am for you

the masters of the universe

give them the best tools you've got, and let them figure out what to do next

Children are nearly always more evolved than their parents. And I mean that both metaphorically, and scientifically. The whole point of sexual reproduction is to combine the best biological qualities of two fairly different individuals, to produce an even better offspring. And that works on an ideological level too, where children naturally combine the different problem solving strategies of their parents into more complex and creative strategies.

When you think about it, it’s definitely reassuring to think that the children of today are naturally more adaptable, more capable, and more equipped to deal with today’s global environment than we adults are.

So when the kids start doing things quite different from what you’ve been doing, you know that chances are good that they’re doing exactly what needs to be done to take excellent care of life on Earth, and you can do whatever you can to provide them with the highest quality resources you’ve got to offer, and then get out of their way so that they can to do their evolutionary work as effectively as possible.

For my little five year old buddies, the tools I’m giving them are rope, tape, (recycled) paper, colored pencils, the idea that nothing is permanent, and a whole lot of amazing stories about normal people doing exceptional things.


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