I am for you

the universe begins with consciousness

you are a sensation

The only thing I can possibly ever be absolutely convinced is true, the only thing that is utterly scientifically provable beyond a shadow of doubt, is:


Awareness can also be named consciousness, perception, or even sensation. Awareness is the experience of something. And awareness is indeed the only thing that there is simply no question about. Awareness most definitely exists. In fact, awareness (or consciousness, perception, or sensation) can be said to be the very foundation of existence itself, with everything else emerging out of awareness. Anything else anyone tries to claim is “true”, no matter how convincing the evidence, is ultimately unprovable because I could very well be experiencing an illusion. Everything else – and I mean everything else – is nothing more than theory, possibility, and conjecture. Even the idea that there is something else to be aware of isn’t provable because it’s possible that there is nothing else and that awareness is simply aware of awareness itself like an ouroboros – the snake eating it’s own tail.

Of course, there does seem to be something else, and I’m very happy to entertain the idea of all kinds of other things being real, like rain, trees, the blue green marble that I call the Earth, very, very large things that go bang, my so very passionate husband, and an almost endless supply of ocean waves playfully dancing with the sand and stones all along the shores of this quaint old place that claims to be a slightly more recent version of England. But all I really know is that I experience something that gives me the sensation that these wonderful things exist.

I am conscious of you, while being conscious that you might be nothing more than a wondrous fantasy that plays within this awareness, but since nothing is provable, anything is possible.



  moonraven222 wrote @

I think that you are absolutely correct about this and I think this is a bad direction to go in. This way leads to Solipsism and at it’s worst Narcissism. I think that we are too often locked up in our heads, in our dreams and fantasies, and the world needs us.

I believe that you are real, that my housemates and friends and family are real, and that all the people that I work with and encounter each day are real. I believe that the world is quite real–at least, the earth, and sea, and rivers, and woods, and mountains, and all the living beings that share it with us. (I don’t think that the world created by watching TV, or even spending lots of time online, is real.) I truly believe that there is a reality out there–and I am not even sure that we can really perceive it because our senses are so limited. (How can we tell if there are other things around that we can’t touch, see, hear, smell, or taste? Scientific instruments can now detect things like microwaves and various forms of radiation, but how do we know that there aren’t things that we haven’t even thought to investigate?)

Above all, I think that this is a time when we really need to connect with each other rather than getting wrapped up in ourselves.

I know that’s not what you intended by this post, but seeing how many people are mesmorized by the illusions of television and blinded by total self-interest, I’d rather focus on creating connection–with each other and this great big wonderful endangered world.

Thank you for putting this out there and I hope you will put up with my challenging response.

  turil wrote @

The idea is not to attach to any one belief. Attachment causes suffering. :-)

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