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Three of the most information packed, unusual, and challenging hours you might ever encounter in your life might very well be the lecture by cell biologist Bruce Lipton called The New Biology – Where Mind and Matter Meet (videos at Google: part 1, and part 2).

Lipton starts out by explaining how cells, genes, proteins, evolution, and basic life function on a basic physical level, and in a way that is easily understood, and then he moves on to using that information to understand human behavior and health, and how to approach healing in the most scientific and effective way (as opposed to the mainstream way that’s based more on politics and profit). And then Lipton finishes by suggesting some interesting ideas about identity and self as related to quantum entanglement, which tie in quite well with Douglas Hofstadter’s idea of self as a strange (feedback) loop.

The only thing I think is important to add to his ideas is that it might be even more useful to see behavior and identity as the combination of the internal structure and the external environment. Which, of course, means that the conclusion of all this wonderful information might more accurately be said to be “The relationship between your internal nature and your environment is responsible for everything that happens in your life, so if you want to change, look for ways to change how your internal nature relates to your environment.”

As soon as you have a few hours to invest in your own wisdom about healthy growth, please check out this lecture, and discover the curious nature of yourself!


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