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universal love

you are made of stardust

It’s a popular misconception that transcendence and enlightenment are about destroying the ego and becoming selfless. But a more useful way to think about this higher state of unconditional loving-kindness is by considering that everyone and everything is the self.

Once you reach this level of awareness, taking care of yourself is also taking care of everyone else, and taking care of everyone else is also taking care of yourself.

And rather than feeling self “less” you are easily able to feel selffull, and the selfeshness of wanting to eliminate your own suffering becomes the ultimate in love for the universe and all the beings in it.

The last time my husband told me what he wanted, he said he only wanted me to be happy. And I realize that when I take good care of myself, and when I experience joy, I’m also taking good care of him and allowing him to experience joy, and I understand that our self is very much deserving of universal love and that I am the one who can offer it to us, so it is what I continue to work towards with all my energy.



your history of the united states, and the world

to boldly go where no one has gone before!

Now that Howard Zinn has left us, it’s time for each of us to tell our own stories, and to make the world’s new history well rounded and more like the history of a whole planet by giving ourselves the permission to express our own ideas about what kind of a world we want to live in.

“To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness.

What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places — and there are so many — where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction.

And if we do act, in however small a way, we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.”

~ Howard Zinn

Where have you gone, what have you done, and how have you stood your ground when others told you you shouldn’t? And how did doing those things change the world for the better while allowing you to express your freedom to be the amazing individual you truly want to be?


heroes of another form

ocean rock - moon rock

We tend to ask people “Who are your heroes?” And then, in our anthropocentric thinking we expect an answer in the form of some particular human being.

I suggest a more universe-centric approach.

Of all the animals, vegetables, and minerals in the universe which are your heroes?

From nebulae, to comets, to oceans, to flowers, to bees, and on down to paramecium and bacteria and even small but astoundingly powerful strange quarks, and everything in between and beyond, you have an almost infinite array of beings from which to choose to as role models.

I suppose that my own most common heroes I’ve had in life can be seen in some of the Halloween costumes I’ve chosen. I’ve been some kind of plant three times – two of them involved my body being wrapped in vines – so clearly I have a huge amount of respect for the vegetable kingdom, and hope to be more wild, green, and focused on growing up to produce beautiful and valuable flowers, seeds, and that sense of peaceful resolve that plants have. My other plant-based costume was a bold yellow flower which I wore when I first worked as a preschool teacher a decade and a half ago, and it was probably an unconscious copy of the flower I used on a poster for the school that reminded people that children are like flowers and when you nurture them well, they will grow up to be healthy and beautiful.

Which leads me to my second most common hero I’ve had, which was the basis for at least two other costumes. Children. Children are the masters of learning about and loving the world. Human children, especially, delight in asking questions and have almost boundless energy to create new and interesting things for themselves and others. Who wouldn’t want to be more like that?

My young twin friends who are just turning five today have chosen a leopard and a tiger as their role models, and seem to especially revere the characteristic of these creatures that allows them to eat anything they want, and their role play often involves catching other willing victims like me and putting them in the oven to be made into dinner for them. Though my guess is that some sense of wildness and strength is really more of the general appeal that large cats have.

And my husband has a thing for trees. Perhaps it’s because they are the largest living things on the planet, and reach up higher into the sky than any other creature while also staying well grounded. And maybe it has something to do with how strong they are, and how, even in the face of great winds that try to push and pull them elsewhere, they boldly, yet peacefully, stand up for themselves.

Sort of in the same way that I love rocks! Aren’t some rocks just totally awesome? :-)

So how about you? What animals, vegetables, and minerals are you most reverent of? And what qualities of them are most important to your own life?



add some sparkle to your life!

How does one go about breaking free from the old, unsustainable system of getting an unfulfilling job so that you can earn plenty of money so that you can pay for all the stuff the media has convinced you that you need if you want to fit in with all the other people who are getting unfulfilling jobs so that they can earn plenty of money so that they can pay for all the stuff the media has convinced them they need if they want to fit in with all the other people who get unfulfilling jobs, etc., etc., etc.?

Well, for one thing, you can start by asking a question:

1. “Am I looking for something more in my life?”

If the answer is “No.”, then awesome! You’re totally doing what you need to do right now. And if the answer is “Yes!” then you can move onto the next step, which is:

2. Allot yourself at least an hour a day, every day, to finding the highest quality of one or more of the following: food, water, air, warmth, light, and information. And you’ll know it really is high quality when you feel strong, healthy, and seriously energized after you partake in these things and for a long time afterward (which things like refined sugar and caffeine and other drug-like substances fail to do).

And… that’s it! That’s the real solution, I swear. But don’t take my word for it, please, go do it for a couple of weeks and see what happens. See if you really do start discovering new people, places, and things that offer you so much more, in so many different ways. Go two weeks with this simple ritual of focusing on the highest quality resources for your self once a day, and notice what happens to you and your world with that increase in energy that you are finding…



reality is like one big Rorshach test

In art terms there is always both the “figure”, which is the intended focus of our attention, and the “ground”, which is everything else that is included in the piece.

Sometimes the creative expression we are perceiving goes out of it’s way to make it exceedingly clear what the figure is, so that we are very much directed to the thing we’re supposed to pay the most attention to.

Other times the creative expression we are perceiving is more complex and includes many possible things that we are free to choose to pay attention to, depending on our current interests.

The expression of the universe that you are experiencing right now is one of those second, more complex, kinds of creative expressions. Out of everything available to you, in every moment, you are completely free to focus on whatever figure offers you the most valuable sensory stimulation, given what you happen to be most desiring of at the moment, while allowing your attention to float just a bit above the “ground”, as your unconscious mind and body keep you stable, and as your conscious mind clearly attends to whatever is most valuable, way up there.



sometimes I want to make you think


Make things more complicated and difficult to hear/read/see if you want people to really have to think and understand. Conscious effort makes for better understanding.


Make things simpler and easier to hear/read/see if you want them to just accept what you say as the “truth”. Unconscious absorption makes life easier for people.

I’d say my goal is to allow people to see the truth of the basic needs for others so that they find helping others even easier, while understanding their own needs, and their own highest values, so that they can be very clear about what they want most out of life.

Which all gives me a pretty good map for how to communicate these two different memetic children of mine. Make it easy for people to expand, while making it more of a meaningful and rewarding challenge for them to contract.


I am light

Well, at least I try...

There are three basic options for what information (energy) can do. And thus, if we are in control of some bit of information, then we have three options for what we can do with it.

Option A – Keep it to ourselves – Internal – Contraction

Option B – Share it with others – External – Expansion

The Middle Way – Allowing the information to stay at the surface of the self so that whether it becomes external or internal is left up to the situation – Neutral – Poised

This “middle way” is the neutral, go-with-the-flow state where we leave things up to chance, so to speak, making the information available if the situation calls for it in the same kind of way that quantum physics tells us that light is always ready to act like a wave (expansion) or a particle (contraction), depending on what its observer is most interested in.

We human observers open our eyes when we want to see the energy of the light, and we close our eyes when we want to keep the light out of sight, turning the light waves into particles that hit and bounce off our lowered eyelids while we process all the information we’ve already taken in, until we are ready once again to open our eyes and see the light, for as long as we continue to need information about our world.

This is why light is so powerful and useful and important to us humans, because it is there for us, regardless of what we need, as long as we are aware of what our needs are and as long as we focus our attention on looking for what we need, light will happily be whatever we need it to be.

And, as I see it, the more we humans act like this extraordinarily flexible and versatile neutral “quantum state” of light, allowing our our information to float just at the surface of our self, to the point where anyone who observes us is free to access they information they desire, then the more powerful we will become, and the more beneficial we will be to the world.

The way I believe that technology, and communication in general, is helping us be this middle way is by allowing us to record our ideas, feelings, and memories – our information – so that it floats at that middle, neutral, surface level where everyone else has access to the information, and can freely choose to look for our “wave” of information if they believe it will be useful to them. So, the more of our own information we make available (on social networking sites, personal blogs, books, videos, and so on) and the easier it is for our information to be found (are you Googleable, by name, and able to interact with others easily?), the more we honestly become this middle way of being a useful, powerful, beneficial entity in the world, just like light.