I am for you

your investments

I appreciate your curiosity and perseverance!

We are frequently inclined to offer our spare physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual resources to those who we believe are capable of using them to make our world even better.

And you can take a look at the list of individuals to whom you freely offer your extra resources, and then spend a bit of time considering what it is they are doing that you believe is so valuable. Because once you understand how these folks are using your gifts to make your world more good, true, beautiful, and inspiring – once you are clear about their own unique alchemy – you can be very specific in offering them your gratitude, so that they not only know that you do appreciate them, but also so they know how they are most remarkable.




  truil wrote @

Why are you cens0ring content Truil? You don’t believe in privacy!

  turil wrote @

The reason I’m not keeping certain comments around is complicated. The basic idea is that I want to encourage people to express themselves, while also working to put out only the most positive, creative, and healing possible to the world, and while not enabling people to do things that are harmful (posting anonymously for so long is unhealthy, as it serves to distance yourself from yourself, and makes it impossible for people to get to know the real you, the you who deserves to be loved and known.)

You are welcome to express yourself to me, and the rest of the world in a variety of other arenas, from my email, to the Whole E community on LiveJournal, to Reddit, in whatever way you feel you need to, but this is the place where only the most exceptional stuff gets promoted. Here is where the editors get to have their say. Even I am highly edited here. This is the museum, the art gallery, the science journal, where everyone is welcome to read and submit, but only the things that the curators find most exquisite are kept out on display.

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