I am for you

people talk

trees are people too!

Yep, people talk.

And there isn’t a damned thing we can do about it.

We cherish freedom of speech, and eventually we realize that while we may not appreciate everyone’s opinion, everyone does have an opinion, and if we honestly want people to think for themselves, then it’s absolutely required that people be encouraged to have their own opinions, and if we don’t want people to be repressed to the point of exploding sociopathically, then we also realize that people need to be allowed, and even encouraged, to express their opinions.

And, rather than just tolerating people’s opinions, we can actually learn to recognize that people talking is a wonderful resource. When people talk, they are giving you the gift of information. And when they talk about you, whether they are gossiping and complaining about you or complementing and thanking you, they are offering you the resource of understanding what is, literally, so remarkable about you. And when you pay attention to what kinds of things people are talking about you for, you will start to understand the ways you are most valuable to others. Because even if the way they express it isn’t so positive, they clearly think you are valuable enough to spend their time and energy talking about, and you can do a little analysis to figure out what it is that they are most excited about, so that you can understand the underlying positive message in their communication.

For example, with me, there are three main things that people tend to talk about when my name comes up. Now, people’s opinions of me are not always so polite or positive or gracious, but they are always gifts to me because I get to see the things people find most fascinating about me, and those are the very things that most make me stand out from the average, that make me exceptional, that make me remarkable and well worth talking about.

The things people seem to find most remarkable about me are:

1. I have a highly unconventional way of thinking.

2. I honestly love my husband unconditionally, and have given him the whole of my heart in a way that no one else has, even through some of the most difficult marital challenges anyone has ever faced.

3. I’m continuing the work of Abraham Maslow and updating his hierarchy of needs by using the patterns of biology, psychology, physics, math, and so on to clarify the specific kinds of resources that humans need to be their best so that they can create the most good, true, beautiful, and inspiring things for the world.

But I’m only just now starting to figure out how to use this information people are offering me about how I’m remarkable. I’m just beginning to explore how I can use these gifts of gab to help me do more of what I love, which is helping people, especially my husband, find what they need, to love their world and their life.

I now realize that people talking is a huge resource that is just sitting there waiting to be tapped, and maybe now you too can see the value of this kind of information, even if it takes a bit of translating to get to the real meaning of what it is that people find so remarkable.


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