I am for you


reality is like one big Rorshach test

In art terms there is always both the “figure”, which is the intended focus of our attention, and the “ground”, which is everything else that is included in the piece.

Sometimes the creative expression we are perceiving goes out of it’s way to make it exceedingly clear what the figure is, so that we are very much directed to the thing we’re supposed to pay the most attention to.

Other times the creative expression we are perceiving is more complex and includes many possible things that we are free to choose to pay attention to, depending on our current interests.

The expression of the universe that you are experiencing right now is one of those second, more complex, kinds of creative expressions. Out of everything available to you, in every moment, you are completely free to focus on whatever figure offers you the most valuable sensory stimulation, given what you happen to be most desiring of at the moment, while allowing your attention to float just a bit above the “ground”, as your unconscious mind and body keep you stable, and as your conscious mind clearly attends to whatever is most valuable, way up there.


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