I am for you

I am light

Well, at least I try...

There are three basic options for what information (energy) can do. And thus, if we are in control of some bit of information, then we have three options for what we can do with it.

Option A – Keep it to ourselves – Internal – Contraction

Option B – Share it with others – External – Expansion

The Middle Way – Allowing the information to stay at the surface of the self so that whether it becomes external or internal is left up to the situation – Neutral – Poised

This “middle way” is the neutral, go-with-the-flow state where we leave things up to chance, so to speak, making the information available if the situation calls for it in the same kind of way that quantum physics tells us that light is always ready to act like a wave (expansion) or a particle (contraction), depending on what its observer is most interested in.

We human observers open our eyes when we want to see the energy of the light, and we close our eyes when we want to keep the light out of sight, turning the light waves into particles that hit and bounce off our lowered eyelids while we process all the information we’ve already taken in, until we are ready once again to open our eyes and see the light, for as long as we continue to need information about our world.

This is why light is so powerful and useful and important to us humans, because it is there for us, regardless of what we need, as long as we are aware of what our needs are and as long as we focus our attention on looking for what we need, light will happily be whatever we need it to be.

And, as I see it, the more we humans act like this extraordinarily flexible and versatile neutral “quantum state” of light, allowing our our information to float just at the surface of our self, to the point where anyone who observes us is free to access they information they desire, then the more powerful we will become, and the more beneficial we will be to the world.

The way I believe that technology, and communication in general, is helping us be this middle way is by allowing us to record our ideas, feelings, and memories – our information – so that it floats at that middle, neutral, surface level where everyone else has access to the information, and can freely choose to look for our “wave” of information if they believe it will be useful to them. So, the more of our own information we make available (on social networking sites, personal blogs, books, videos, and so on) and the easier it is for our information to be found (are you Googleable, by name, and able to interact with others easily?), the more we honestly become this middle way of being a useful, powerful, beneficial entity in the world, just like light.


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